Sunday, October 31, 2010

More American Greetings stuff.

This is me attempting to do a pretty floral design. I'm pretty satisfied the way this one turned out.

These were two original lettering designs I had concepted. I believe the "Love" one was made into a GINORMOUS musical card at Wal-Mart.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Some more old cards.

Another D-Lulz original. I designed this one with the plan for "Cotton Eyed Joe" to play when opened.

An original concept of mine. It's cool to see some modern Father's Day cards out there.

Part of a series of musical Thanksgiving cards.

A Starbucks Christmas card a few years back.

Some old greeting cards. (You're gonna be seeing a lot of these.)

Here's some random greeting cards I've done for American Greetings in the past. Some of them go a couple years back, so I may not remember enough about them to comment on. Until I get my butt in gear and start doing some personal work, you can expect more posts like this in the future for a bit.
Kid's Birthday, obviously.

Planned by my good friend, Julia., I do believe. Fun technique.

A little maximalism influence on this girl's birthday card.

These were some of the first collage pieces I've done, really. Got to spend almost a week in the Media Studio, and got some funky pieces from it, including these Christmas gifts.