Friday, November 5, 2010

Preview: 8-Bit Character Designs of D-Lulz and Friends.

Thanks to everyone for their support and compliments about my costume! I thought I'd post a prelude of what inspired me to make that, step by step.

Step 1: Saw Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Fantastic. (It's dropping on DVD next Tuesday, November 9th, at local retailers near you. Purchase a copy for you and your friends at the low, low price of $25.99 at Complimentary plug, Universal Studios. FREE DVD, PLEASE.)

Step 2: Played Scott Pilgrim video game and fell in love with the simple elegance of the 8-bit design.

Step 3: For funsies, I thought I would give a shot at creating some sprites of my pals. Now, dear reader, I know you don't have the pleasure of knowing my cool-ass friends. You're just gonna have to trust me that this following sample is exactly what some of them look like:

Eric, Me, Claire, John

That's basically our fighting stances, obviously. I picture Eric as the 'tank' character, taking down baddies without changing expression. I'd be smiling and exclaiming how cool it is that I'm a video game character the whole time. Claire is floating because she has a very graceful, elegant walk. Also, because she floats. John has a ninja sword because of course he does. Ninja swords are gnarly.

Anywho, this is a sample of just 4 characters, but I have about 10 started. Once I finish them all, I'll eventually show them all in one big post, hopefully with special moves and nicknames and all that business.

Step 4: When pumpkin-carving time came around, I was the only one with artist's tape, drawing a large grid on my gourd-like squash. This has most likely been done before. But to this degree of awesomeness?

Probably, yes. But it was still fun to do.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my current obsession. Bookmark and visit periodically for other crafts and/or illustrations. And check out my Tumblr of comedy pictures. (link over at the sidebar --->) to bust a gut laughing.


Rachael said...

badass pumpkin!

Dan Liuzzi said...

Well, gee, thank ya, ma'am!

StevenColumbus said...

This is cool, I wish you had a tutorial :(